The head of the Belarusian Catholics have called for the civilized resolution of the issues surrounding a decree on “parasites”

Minsk. April 11. INTERFAX – Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz has urged all stakeholders to sit down at the negotiating table for a civilized resolution of the situation around the decree “On the prevention of social dependency.”

“All sides must be civilized methods of solving problems. We need to sit down at the negotiating table. I to this call. It is only at the negotiating table all interested parties have a chance to solve the issue. Thank God that the authorities have also notice it. Notice that Ordinance No. 3 on “social parasites” requires amendment,” said Kondrusiewicz at a press conference on Tuesday in Minsk.

The words of Metropolitan contained in the message, posted on the website

T. Kondrusiewicz stressed that the solution of this problem can help the international practice. “We have the same tax for everybody – for the poor and for the rich. And, as far as I know, in many countries there is a differentiation: the rich pay more than the poor,” he added.

“There is a problem how to provide work for. There was an order that by may 1 all employed. Will be able to find a job? This issue should be approached very seriously, as it affected the fate of people. Would like to see in Belarus was dominated by calm. And to this I appeal to all parties the day before Chernobyl day (26 April – the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, which is traditionally the Belarusian opposition celebrates mass action – “if”), and announced new demonstrations,” – said the Metropolitan.

Decree of the President of Belarus “On the prevention of social dependency” establishes the obligation of citizens permanently resident foreign citizens, persons without citizenship, who was not involved in the financing of public expenditure or participating in such financing less than 183 calendar days, on payment of a fee in the amount of 20 basic units (1 basic unit is 23 the Belarusian ruble, or $12 equivalent).

In total, the tax authorities sent to the citizens about 470 thousand notices on payment of fee. The term of tax payment expired on 20 February 2017. As of 21 February, it paid about 54 thousand people.

The decree caused a public outcry. On 9 March, the President instructed to suspend the collection of fees from “parasites” for a year.