In Ukraine forbade banks to take collateral housing through the courts, the lawyers pointed out an important point

A similar decision was made by the Supreme court, considering the claim of one of Ukrainian banks. From now on, banks of Ukraine have the right through the Ukrainian courts to take away from mortgage debtors collateral.

Thus, the financial institution appealed to the court regarding the foreclosure of a mortgage Deposit
of the borrower with all the consequences – transfer of property and eviction, reports “Dialog. UA”.

However, the court ruled
if banks want to take property of the debtors, that should do it
outside of the court.

However, as they say
professionals do not enjoy,
particularly the worst borrowers as the lenders even after this decision of the Supreme
court of Ukraine will have all the levers for obtaining real estate collateral.

According to lawyers,
a positive thing is still there, as before, a creditor can claim
another property of the debtor, even if the proceeds from the sale of the apartment money is not
enough for full repayment of the debt.

But lawyers
suggest trapped in debt bondage to borrowers to an extreme point it is not
to bring and try to negotiate directly with the Bank.

if not out – at least to participate in
the implementation of their housing, so it is not sold for a pittance.

Earlier it was reported
case, kogda 2016 in Ukraine for the first time in the municipal debt sold
apartment hard-core debtors.

It was also reported as in
RF collectors for non-existent loan materiaali her son-the disabled person.