British police investigating the killing of major Litvinenko tried to poison Russia

The Russian secret police cowardly way tried to hinder the investigation of poisoning his former agent, who was killed in 2006.

Detectives British
Scotland Yard tried to poison tea in Russia, when they held
the investigation into the murder of major Alexander Litvinenko. According to detectives, this
by the way, the Russian special services tried to prevent their disclosure
murder, reports “Dialog UA”.

British detectives
flew to Moscow to meet with the suspects in the poisoning of Litvinenko Andrei
Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun. However, speaking with Kovtun, who was in
hospital, British experts noticed that he was completely bandaged and was
only his eyes are visible. Detective Tarpi said he was not sure that it really is
it was Kovtun, adding that “the Russians outsmarted us, as in chess
the game”.

British detectives said that in Moscow they are followed, their hotel
rooms secretly searched, stole important evidence — the interview with one of

In addition,
British detectives claim that employees of the Russian special services tried
to poison them in the office of the attorney General, admixed in tea is a substance from which
foreigners had problems with the stomach.

a former employee of the Russian secret service FSB, Alexander Litvinenko died from poisoning
radioactive substance polonium – 210 in November 2006. Version
Scotland Yard, Litvinenko was slipped into the tea, the state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi and
the former employee GRU, the businessman Dmitry Kovtun.

In January
2016 the London court recognized the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin “probably
involved” the death of Litvinenko.

As previously
it was reported that the US imposed
economic sanctions against suspects in the murder of Litvinenko major.