In Russia was brutally shot by police at victims had no chance, the bandits fired at the car of the security forces more than 60 shots

Killed were police, they were shot in Malgobek (Ingushetia – ed). Criminals did this last night, they approached the patrol car, which stood not far from the city Department of police, and fired it up.

Total according to
sources, there were more than 60 shots from the machine, in place of the deceased 30-year-old
Acrobat M. and 29-year-old Zelimkhan K., reports “Dialog. UA”.

The announced plan
“Interception”, but criminals are not found yet, also none of
groups have not yet claimed responsibility for the murder of police officers.

Add thatin Астрахани3 bandits opened fire on police, injuring officers
Regardie when they tried to stop the car of the attackers.

Criminals seized weapons of guards and disappeared.
Then it became known, the police stolicy eliminated.