The situation in the Donbass does not suit us! Until Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement, neither of which the lifting of sanctions and speeches cannot be, – the German Ambassador Reichel

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine Ernst Reichel said that the official Berlin insists on maintaining economic sanctions against the Russian Federation until then, until you have fully implemented the Minsk agreement.

He stated in
the debate “Europe is a clash of interests” in Kiev, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Reichel said
in the German government there is a fairly clear position – no
the lifting of sanctions as long as all points of the Minsk agreements will not be
done on a priority basis. Moreover, Berlin was willing to seriously stand in
this position.

In addition, he
he added that the Minsk agreements are regularly subjected to merciless criticism, however
at the moment they have no alternatives, as long as there are no other
options solution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

By the way, earlier in
The U.S. Congress introduced a bill according to which sanctions against Russia
out at the legislative level and will be cancelled only in the event that
if Moscow returned Crimea to Ukraine and withdraws from the Donbass.