The Minister of defence of Poland has put forward a shocking accusations against Russia: it became known as the Russian managers and provoked a catastrophe of TU-154 near Smolensk

Russia deliberately caused the crash of the presidential TU-154 near Smolensk: Russian managers deliberately led the plane to crash. With loud accusations were made by the Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz.

He said that the investigation team was able to gather
impressive evidence base – the data obtained leave no doubt
the fact that the Russian side deliberately led the plane to crash trying
to mask the incident under the “natural disaster”.

Macierewicz noted that, according to available information, the pilot
presidential airliner until the last moment tried to avoid Russian
traps, however, was not able to do so.

At the same time Russian managers have brought drama, reducing
the plane low to the ground to make it easier “to organize the chaos
we’re dealing with today.”

Recall, redeemaamiles new information about the crash of the presidential plane at the airport in Warsaw is preparing a lawsuit