Russian ruble expects a rapid decline: the Ministry of economic development published the forecast

In the Russian Ministry of economic development has published economic forecast for the next three years. According to which, the expected rapid decline of the Russian ruble against the dollar.

This was stated by the Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim

According to the Minister, now the ruble is much stronger
than the official economic model. The Ministry
Finance continues to buy foreign currency. Another factor is the influx of
in the Russian economy for foreign capital.

However, this trend will change soon. Oreshkin believes
in the coming months the ruble will fall to 63 to 64 rubles per dollar, if prices
oil will remain at this level. Sluchenkova oil falls to $ 40
per barrel, it will automatically reduce the rate of the Russian ruble. According to Oreshkin,
until the end of the dock he could reach 68 rubles to the dollar.

Now the dollar is 55.8 rubles.

Recall, the experts believe that despite the possible exit of the Russian economy from the recession and the rising oil prices,the ruble is still cheaper.