Klopp: for the Sake of the Champions League, you can play ugly

On the eve of the match 31-th round of the championship of the Premier League against Tottenham in Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp said that for a ticket to the Champions League his team ready for anything, including sacrifice the beauty and entertainment of the game.

“I’m not afraid to abandon their principles and change team tactics — said Klopp. — On the field against Tottenham will be players who will be able to act strictly and compactly. For a ticket to the Champions League can play in power, even ugly football. Expect from us a constant attacking game and, who knows, maybe the opponent will be puzzled closed Liverpool, relying on counter-attacks?”

For the Reds against the Cherries will not be able to play their main creatives — Henderson, Lallana and mane, so Liverpool will not be to the beauty, and the main task will be any cost to snatch 3 points at Anfield.