DW: Berlin should be ashamed of the rejection of the illumination of the Brandenburg gate

MOSCOW, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. The decision of the Berlin authorities is not to illuminate the Brandenburg gate in the colors of the Russian flag in memory of the victims of the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg is mistaken, both from a moral and political point of view, says Ingo Mannteufel, the chief editor of the Russian edition Deutsche Welle.

Such symbolic gestures by Germany, according to the journalist, to demonstrate compassion and solidarity with the victims of Islamist attacks around the world, regardless of the political situation. Now, refusing to Express sympathy for the Russians, Berlin looks inconsistent and, thereby, diminish the importance of the tragedy.

The author of the article expressed surprise about the decision of the Berlin Senate, and stresses that the explanation of this fact that St. Petersburg is a sister city of Berlin, is unacceptable. In addition, this rule already make exceptions, said Mannteufel.

The West claims that whatever the relations with the Russian authorities, he believes the people of the country a full-fledged part of Europe. And if Berlin did not want the Russians to demonstrate their hypocrisy, he was obliged to support them, said the journalist.

“The fact that on Monday, the Brandenburg gate wasn’t shining colors of the Russian flag, was a mistake. And it’s just a shame,” — concludes the author.
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