“A principled advocate of friendly relations with Russia”, – Putin congratulated Vucic on his election victory in Serbia

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated Aleksandar Vucic on the victory at presidential elections in Serbia, stressing his desire to maintain friendly relations with Russia.

Vladimir Putin sent Alexander Vucic a congratulatory message on the occasion of his victory in the presidential elections in Serbia, reports Dialog.ua citing the official website of the Kremlin.

In a congratulatory letter notes that in Russia, Vucic know as a principled supporter of building friendly relations between the two countries.

“Such a convincing victory in the election indicates broad support for Your efforts, aimed at addressing the pressing economic and social challenges faced by Serbia, to a constructive, balanced foreign policy” – said in the telegram.

According to the electoral Commission, Vucic is the leader in the presidential race with a score 55.13% of the votes.

To participate in the presidential election of Alexander Vucic took the office of Prime Minister of Serbia, positioning himself as a Pro-European politician. He repeatedly talked about plans to join the EU as strategic. While Vucic has stated its intention to maintain friendly relations with Russia.