The national Bank promised to tell you when Gontareva going to resign

The National Bank of Ukraine has denied the information on resignation of his head Valeria Gontareva.

According to the press service of the national Bank,common people’s Deputy of Ukraine Iryna Lutsenko, the information is not true. About it reports “Диалог.UA”.

In Nabanga promised to inform about the resignation Gontareva a month before the official dismissal from the post of head of the Bank. Canavalia Gontareva also commented on his retirement.

Note that in the media there are some rumors about the resignation of the head of the regulator Valeria Gontareva. The interest in this topic is heated, various political and economic experts, constantly commenting on the situation. Moreover, repeated nativelanguage candidates for the post of the head of the national Bank and the timing of his inevitable resignation.