Vitu Shabliy shot close relative and employee of the Ternopil Prosecutor’s office, it released the whole clip, – police have named a suspect

The national police said that the murder Shabliy was preceded by a family quarrel, after which the son of Vyacheslav Chajka who is an employee of the Prosecutor’s office in Ternopil region, opened fire.

Igor Seagull, as told Deputy
management of NP in the Rivne region Sergey Volkov, came to the father’s home on April 1,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

What was the cause of the conflict,
served as a pretext for murder, at the moment not clear. But the shooting started
after Junior Chaika had an argument with his father and his current wife.

“According to operational data, son
released a clip of the woman father, she died at the scene. Dad got 2 wounds
“- said Volkov.

Vyacheslav Tea
surgery, he is in serious condition.His son
not yet been found.

what ranabima voiced version, that murderers Vita Shabliy could be two, they
snuck into the house of a lawyer in Dubno and started shooting.

Network poyavilsya footage from the scene of the murder.