In Mexico, there was a scandal because of the possible release of a pedophile

0800 we are talking about a 21-year-old Diego Cruz, who was part of a group of three friends in January 2015, has made actions of sexual character concerning the minor girl in the state of Veracruz. He was declared wanted and arrested in Spain, where his parents sent him and then extradited to Mexico.

According to the portal Proceso, the court decided to release Cruz, as it is not found sufficient evidence to “satisfy” his sexual desires as a result of the actions of a violent nature. In addition, the judge stated that the victim at the time of the violence was not in a helpless state. In the coming days it needs to be released.

Media noted that the suspects in the case (detained only two of them) are children of rich and influential parents. However, the further fate of the investigation will largely depend on the reaction of civil society, which has been long in coming. Women’s organizations in Mexico are actively calling for public actions aimed against a judge who decided to release Cruz.