Loud incident, who wanted to shut up in Russia, still received publicity in the suburbs massively poisoned the top 50 athletes, there are details

The fact of mass poisoning of the best athletes of Russia tried hard to silence, but the details of the incident leaked to the media. With the situation said the victims themselves, the athletes, who wished to remain unknown.

Segoufielle 50 people, all athletes – members of national teams of Russia, who came to the training camp, held on the basis of “Round Lake” in Moscow, reports “Dialog. UA”.

One of the athletes said that among the victims – the fencers, gymnasts, wrestlers, swimmers.

The poisoning occurred on Wednesday March 22 after dinner. Athletes have to feel bad, and in the morning of 23 March, they became “to mow” EN masse.

The source told TASS that the symptoms are all the same – vomiting, fever, diarrhea, nausea.

On the basis of the samples, the research results will announce on Tuesday 28 March.

One of the versions terrible state of health of the athletes rotavirus infection.But many victims rejected.

“Rotavirus is transmitted via contaminated hands or clothes, and athletes involved in different halls, so the most probable possibility – poisoning in the dining room”,
– says the source.

Earlier, US media announced that blood sudden death of a representative to the UN Corkindale poison,he was detected in kidney policy, which indirectly confirms the version that he had been poisoned.