In the Donetsk region tragically died three children: the youngest was only 9 days old published photos and first details

All three died yesterday March 24. Just a day Donetsk oblast lost three young people, although the tragedy could have been prevented.

Slavinasport in the region Vyacheslav Abroskin
told about each of the sad cases, and published a photo in Facebook, reports “Dialog. UA”.

The first child found dead Friday evening in
Dobropillia. The boy hung himself in the nursery, he was 11 years old. Why the child 2006
year of birth went on suicide will find out a consequence.Before killing himself he closed the door to the flat itself and
in my room.

In Maryinsky district had three bodies found, death
came from carbon monoxide poisoning, among the dead – three-year-old.

In zaytsevo tragically dead baby, 9
days from the day of birth. The reasons too will be investigating the investigation team.

Upon the death of children, criminal proceedings were opened.

Also Abroskin said on his father-sadist from
Slavyansk, which was beaten 9-year-old son to
large hematomas of the head, chest and hips.The child was taken to the city hospital.

Recall that drunk mother in the Kherson region came
for her daughter to kindergarten, and when she gave,slit there wrists.After that, the woman went to walk to the bar and back
was beaten by her husband into a coma.