We will not allow to turn people into beggars: required from the authorities of increase of pensions from 1 may – Lyashko

The leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko said about the initiation of his political force the resignation of the government if may 1 will be increased to the minimum pension.

During the conciliation Council, Oleh Lyashko, gave a speech to the government and the Prime Minister, urging to improve and modernize pensions to Ukrainians. According to the MP, the only way to overcome poverty and social injustice.

In the case of non-payment of a bill that would increase social standards in the field of pension provision, “Radical party” will initiate resignation of the government.

“If you don’t pay the bill, the faction of the Radical party will initiate in accordance with the Constitution, the resignation of the government, because to turn people into beggars, we will not let. There is money in the budget from increase of salaries – let’s raise pensions,” – said Lyashko.

The leader of the “radicals” noted that in the first place need to change the pensions of people with experience of more than 30 years, as well as the so-called social pensions.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukrainiazation questioning of people’s deputies Andrei Beletsky, Andrei Levus, Andrey Lozovoy and leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko in the case of the seizure of the Luhansk regional state administration in 2014.