Ukrainians has prepared a nasty surprise: the promised reduction in electricity tariffs not expected, planned “unexpected” increase in

The next increase will start soon, from 1 April, says the national Commission for state regulation of prices in energy and utilities.

Zaplanirovanay market electricity prices by 1 %, although recently it was announced the reduction of 5, 8 %, reports “Dialog. UA”.

According to the Commission, on II-IV quarters of this year expected to approve the price of 1354,98 UAH/MWh (excluding VAT).

The head of the Commission Dmitry Vovk noted that this increase is the need to ensure stable operation of the Ukrainian energy system, which will require imports of thermal coal abroad, noting that today the country is experiencing as the shortage of coal and natural gas.

We will remind that the Cabinet vowed that Ukrainians in 2017, in economic terms, will be somewhat easier since it was planned that the payment for setpagedevice as much as 16%.

Add that Ukrainians also taken aback povysheniiu of water.