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It is dishonest to claim Shashi Tharoor, that the religious hatred does not exist in India before you “introduced the British rule it” with their policy of “divide and conquer” (A legacy of exploitation and ruin, G2, 9. March). He must know that, when Mahmood of Ghazni for the first time, the Islam brought to the subcontinent in the 10th century, its invasion involved incalculable violence, the massive loss of life and wanton destruction of Hindu religious sites on a scale that could dream of the Islamic state. The Mughals, the Persian and never let their Hindu subjects to forget, were as foreign to India than the British.

These British were of course happy that a power vacuum was caused by the collapse of the Mughal Empire in the second half of the 18th century, the can occupy the well-organised East India Company was better, as well as those warlike Hindu warrior caste as the Marathas. As George Orwell pointed out a long time ago, the Raj a bat was, in fact, run for the greedy benefit of about 1% of the UK population (applies to all capitalism since about 1980). Nevertheless, there were great moments of civilization and glory, both for the finally, a defeated conqueror, and those who resisted bravely, while the very short period of time (in Indian history: 1600-1947), when the British were political actors in India.

The distortion of the historical facts and the rising religious nationalism that is happening now in India and in the whole of South-East Asia does not Bode well for the future.Ralph Lloyd-Jones Nottingham

• It is a pity that Shashi Tharoor lumps together all of the British in India, where I grew up, there’s nothing there, but the foreign exploiters. My father, “PJ” (later Sir Percival) spent a lifetime in the Indian civil service to work for the improvement and the final independence of India, which he loved. He learned several languages and spoke three, especially Bengali, fluent. After the second world war, when Churchill looked as if he would renege on its wartime promise to India to give independence in return for their support during this war, my father, at that time head of the European group in the legislative Assembly, told him, he would. through the floor of the house and join the Congress party, if he would do it On retirement, PJ wrote several books about India, especially The British influence on India, in which he is a balanced consideration of the benefits and burdens of British rule.

Michael, my brother spent most of his life in independent India-agriculture and breeding-horses in Bihar. So please, Mr Tharoor, is not the fault of all the British in India.John Griffith Monmouth

• As a child of the Raj, I read Shashi Tharoor, with a particular interest in, but I have a question: as he makes room, this is the opinion of the Indian seizure and often brutal occupation of Kashmir, which is going on already, in one way or another, since 1947?Brigid Keenan Shepton Mallet, Somerset

• I wonder if Shashi Tharoor, has read a lot of Kipling. In spite of Kipling’s reputation as a trumpet player for the Empire, his connection with India was complex and often modest. His prose is to read anything other than “bloating”, and his short, short stories – too little – are among the best in the language.Elizabeth Cook London

• The UK may be “buried a large part of 20th century history, along with the rest of the country, the tradition of brutality and crimes against humanity in the building of his Kingdom” (construction-British EU exit on the myth of Empire, 7. March). But, give the devil his due, it is a incontrovertible fact that great Britain left positive legacies of the social and economic development in the Kingdom. In Africa, for example, the British converted a boundless continent inhabited by the warring tribes and clans, by disease, carried off, in modern nation-States. They built hospitals, schools, elaborate networks of roads, Railways, sea and air-ports. It is crucial that you introduced, the rule of law, protected by all Africans regardless of their tribe, clan or religion.

Tragically, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater on independence, ushering in a vicious circle of self-destructive civil wars on the continent, as indicated by the current violence in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. At the same time, despotic leaders to amend their constitutions and clung to power for the sole purpose of stealing funds. The result is a widespread lack of opportunities is forcing hundreds of thousands of African men, women and children on a dangerous journey in search of a better life in Europe. In 2015 and 2016, an estimated 10,000 African migrants in the Mediterranean sea died.

Ironically, it is the United Kingdom, the funding of several NGOs, the role of governments in the provision of basic education, health services and clean water. There is also the feeding of millions of refugees, internally displaced persons camps across the continent.Sam AkakiDirector, African solutions for African Migration

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