Land Rover discovery Sport long-term test review: learning from mistakes

After a rather hesitant acquaintance with topping diesel discovery Sport exhaust fluid (Def) for the first time in July, I felt much more confident when the warning popped up again recently.

I’m not going to repeat my Previous mistake of buying some relatively expensive 1.5 litre bottles when I knew that Def tank in our car had a capacity of 13.7 litres. This time my plan was to ask the dealer land Rover nicely to top it up (it’s free if you have a plan, services) or do it myself again, but buy in bulk.

After the game, to call our closest dealer’s service Department for a couple of days and nothing happens, I figured it would be easier to do the job myself, so I paid a local service station (Esso, as it happens) the visit and returned home with a 10-litre container of adblue liquid, which cost £13. It came with a pretty simple screw-on plastic flexible funnel that dripped a little surprising, odorless liquid on the engine cover, but the work was no harder than adding windshield washer reservoir a lot less bullshit than in previous times.

With more than 10 litres of adblue in the tank, the range indicator Def shot up to 12800 miles, so the car should be happy, at least in the next six months.

The questions cover a retractable load

One question, when carrying six or seven people in the discovery sport is that you have to leave a sliding cover load behind. It wouldn’t be a problem for most owners, but we lost ours in a few weeks, while the car bounced from one person to another.

There are four possible culprits. Parrot Wiki, the last person to drive the car before I noticed something was wrong, swore that the cover was not there when she collected it. Three other suspects have pleaded ignorance in the first place. Then as soon as I find out how much a new cover would cost, image editor Ben Summerell-Youde found him in his apartment, stuck in the corner behind the bookshelf.

Back cover to upload to its rightful place, had to leave it last week when we used discovery sport on the ferry six road-testers and I from the circuit of Anglesey in Betws-y-coed. This time it could be me who forgot to pick it up, but someone reminded me. It could be Ben, trying to make amends…


Price £39,400 the Price as tested £42,222 economy 33.2 mpg faults suspension creak costs 14.5 litres of adblue liquid £44 Last visit 9.11.16

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