Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles possible partnership

Volkswagen Group chief executive Matthias Muller has refused to exclude to forge a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) – but says that no talks have taken place.

At the recent Geneva motor show, (FCA) boss Sergio Marchionne has speculated that the Volkswagen Group would be hardest hit by the union of the PSA and GM Europe, as they will be from Europe’s second largest car manufacturer. He suggested a partnership between the FCA and the Volkswagen Group could assist the latter to maintain its dominant position on the market.

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“You need to achieve the scale or it will eventually deliver an incredibly low profitability and margins on this business. We need to correct this problem,” said Marchionne, who has long advocated car mergers as a way to share the costs of production more respectful of the environment and technology of the cars.

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However, Müller has responded to Marchionne’s comments to the Volkswagen Group’s annual press conference to announce its earnings, saying: “there has been no contact between Mr. Marchionne and me, but I never said that I exclude it.

“We have not dealt with him. Since I assumed my head here, 2015, there have been different problems to the CAF for me to focus on.

“In my opinion, size does not matter. I’ve always said that the volume is not our only goal. We want to be a successful manufacturer in all senses.”

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