BMW iNext to benefit from the £12 billion of auto tech deal

The development of the BMW iNext car should benefit from a new trade agreement in which BMW partner for the Intel technology purchase Israeli car technology company Mobileye.

The acquisition, worth about £12 billion and will allow the two brands to combine their driverless hardware and software know-how, to accelerate the rate of development of the autonomous vehicle systems that will end up in the iNext, which is planned for 2021.

The electric car is designed to offer level three (the back eyes) autonomy, with level five (driver) autonomy a possibility. The new Intel deal could be crucial in fast-tracking the level five full autonomy in a model since its launch.

The BMW driverless tech to reach a wider range of 2021

Intel has stated: “The acquisition few best-in-class technologies from both companies, including Intel, for high-performance computing and connectivity, skills and Mobileye-leading computer vision expertise to create the automatic driving of cloud solutions through the network to the drive.

“The combination is expected to accelerate innovation for the automotive industry and the position of Intel as a leading technology provider in the rapidly growing market for highly and fully autonomous vehicles.”

Intel expects that the systems of the vehicle, and data services market, worth over £55 billion dollars by 2030. He said that the purchase of Mobileye is provided as part of its strategy to invest in data-intensive market opportunities “build on the strengths of the company in the field of information technology and cloud connectivity, through the network, and the device”.

BMW’s collaboration with Intel and Mobileye began last July and was strengthened in December, when it opened a new development centre, autonomous vehicles close to Munich. The company will move to testing on public roads this year, when a fleet of autonomous Series 7 will be driven in Europe and the UNITED states.