Women in Ukraine have great respect for religious holidays – survey

Kiev. 9 Mar. INTERFAX – the Most popular holidays in Ukraine are Easter and Christmas – they are noted by 80%, showed a survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology.

The new year was named in the list of the most popular 76% of respondents, international women’s day – 49%, the Day of Victory – 37%, Trinity – 29%, Day of independence of Ukraine – 17% of Ukrainians participated in the survey.

The least popular become the official holidays of the country – the Day of defender of Ukraine (10%), international workers ‘ Day (7%) and Constitution Day (5%).

Compared with the year 2016 the number of those who believe the favorite feast of the Trinity (from 34 to 29%) and independence Day (from 20% to 17%). However, the increase in the number of those who believe beloved international women’s day (from 37% to 49%).

In addition, the Ukrainian women more than men, respect for religious holidays and international women’s day. So, Christmas love and respect 82% of women and 77% men, international women’s day – 57% of women and 39% men, Easter – 82% of women and 77% men, the Trinity – 33% of women and 23% men.

The survey was conducted from 10 to 19 February among adult residents of the 110 settlements of Ukraine. all respondents were interviewed in 2040.