Media: Thai Islands, where missing Russian woman found human remains

(updated: 08:48 10.03.2017) 819037872 Nation.

Human remains found at a depth of seven meters deep underwater crevice. Divers told me that there is a strong undertow and constant underwater whirlpool.

Body fragments sent for DNA examination.

Green t-shirt and goggles for diving found at a depth of five meters 400 meters away from the shore. On the shore about this place is the hotel where stayed Russian woman, informs the edition.

A girl of 23 years of vacationing in one of the hotels of the island and engaged in free diving (diving to great depths without breathing equipment), hadn’t been seen since February 15. The Russian player had to leave the hotel on February 16, however, never surrendered the keys. In her room, found her belongings, including passport and mobile phone, with the exception of towels and equipment for freediving. Until Thursday, police could not find a single witness who saw the girl before she disappeared.

On Thursday, police found security camera outdoor surveillance local store from 15 February, which shows how the Russian runs with flippers for freediving in his hands. On the beach near the shop found a lightweight beach Shoe of a pair, which reportedly belonged to Novozhenova. The photo of the Shoe sent to the relatives of the missing girl.