Tesla Model S forces radical rethink for the next Volkswagen Phaeton

The Tesla Model S killed the development of the next generation of the Volkswagen Phaeton, forcing a rethinking of how the discontinued model will be relaunched in the year 2020.

The revelation on the part of Volkswagen brand boss, Herbert Diess was held at the Geneva motor show, where he admitted that any new expansion in VW salon to have the “next generation” of technology.

“We are very advanced with the next Phaeton, but it was clear that it was not enough of a leap forward,” said Diess. “A modern and large room has to be competitive and have an advantage over the Tesla, which is the point of reference and in many regions dominates the segment.

“Now, if we leave here, we take Tesla seriously, and, of course, that is what we are doing with our electric strategy.”

The next-generation Phaeton is rumoured to be in the process of development for a launch in around 2020, but the model most likely is a radical change from the current car in order to take advantage of the space-efficient MEB electric car platform, which is currently being developed by VW. As such, it is likely that in order to compete with the Tesla in range, packaging and interior quality, in addition to providing the option of a similar acceleration and performance levels.

The previous VW Phaeton went on sale in the uk in 2015.

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