New bummer for Moscow: in America the “native Russian” Peninsula open largest for 30 years, the field of “black gold”

The reserves of this oil field are estimated at 1.2 billion barrels. It is expected that after the price of oil will fall even faster, which will definitely affect the already stagnating Russian economy.

On Thursday, 9
in March, representatives of the Spanish oil company Repsol and its
the American partner, Armstrong Energy has announced the opening of a new
oil field in Alaska, reports “Dialog UA”.

note that the open field is the largest onshore on-site
The United States of America over the last thirty years.

it is estimated that the company’s recoverable hydrocarbon reserves is
1.2 billion barrels. It is emphasized that successful development work
with the field starting in 2021 daily oil production here
up to 120 thousand barrels.

By the way, Spanish
oil company Repsol was involved in exploration in the American
the Alaska Peninsula since 2008.

Previously, the government
USA announced the resolution of the exploration and production of oil and gas in vast areas
The Gulf of Mexico.

against the background of rising supply from the U.S. oil prices have fallen by
5% and continued to fall.

As previously reported, President Lukashenko said that Belarus, in order not to depend on the Kremlin, begins oil supplies from Iran through Ukraine.