The court consolidated the lawsuits against the transfer of Isaac the hearing is scheduled for March 13

Saint-Petersburg. March 6. INTERFAX Smolninsky court of St. Petersburg has United the claims of the citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Bakeshin and deputies of legislative Assembly, challenging the transfer of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church.

As reported by “Interfax” on Monday the Deputy of legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky, the court consolidated the claims in view of the fact that their content was virtually identical. Session under the claim to Committee of property relations (KIO) of St. Petersburg will take place on March 13.

“To the previous suit (which previously rejected the Vasileostrovsky district court – “if”) added a new ground: no formal request for the transfer of the Cathedral from the Russian Orthodox Church. But that is not our only argument”, – said Boris Vishnevsky.

He noted that the initiative group of citizens failed to appeal the decision of Vasileostrovsky district court refused to adopt a statement on Isaac, but “it doesn’t matter”.

The claim will be reviewed by the judge Tatiana Matusiak, who previously heard the case about the dismantling of the memorial plaques to Karl Mannerheim and Kolchak Alexander in St. Petersburg. The claim about recognition illegal the installation of the Board K. Mannerheim and its dismantling, it was rejected, and the installation of the Board of Alexander Kolchak declared illegal and decided to take it off.

As reported, opponents of the transfer of Isaac to the use of the Church had filed a lawsuit against KIO in the Vasileostrovsky district court of St. Petersburg. The claim concerned the legality of the orders of the Committee from 30.12.2016 “On the use of the property at the address: St.-Petersburg, St. Isaac’s square, 4 Litera A” application and action of the Committee on the publication of this order.

Administrative the plaintiffs were deemed disposal on transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church illegal and in violation of the right of citizens to access to cultural values and favorable habitat. The plaintiffs also believe that the order of the Smolny was issued without the required statement from the Church.

The court refused to consider the claim on the basis that the Committee of property relations concerning St. Isaac’s Cathedral is not a document on the transfer of the temple Church.