“Make”: Elena Krygina published a book of beauty tips

Blogger, makeup artist, columnist for Glamour and writer Elena Krygina presented his new book “Makeup”. Of the twelve chapters, we learn all about the basics of contouring, the rules of applying different shades of lipsticks, technology age makeup and other beauty techniques.

“Makeup is not about to paint. It’s all about confidence. And your confidence gives her energy” — sure Krygina. The book tells not only how to apply different means but also how to correct the flaws.

In order to write an encyclopedia of beauty, make-up artist took three years: “I rewrote the book several times, I always felt that something was missing. This final option, though I’m still sure that something didn’t tell you”.

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Blogger advises to read her creation as youd like you can learn everything from cover to cover and try yourself, or flick through and be inspired for your own beauty exploits.

“This book focuses primarily on the basics of base makeup. This is a detailed guide about how to apply makeup in General, how to understand the cosmetics what is being built on beautiful makeup and what techniques you must use in order to decorate,” explains Krygina.

Deluxe edition autographed makeup artist can be booked on the website Krygina Beauty Store. In book stores the novelty will appear on March 6 and will cost 2980 rubles.