In Volnovakha car hijackers cleverly “tricked” by police officers extorted from them 8 thousand dollars

Pseudo-militiamen have offered the kidnappers car charges quite a large sum.

Natspolitsiya reported that in Volnovaha Donetsk region
Deputy head of Department and a senior officer had invited two relatives
– the kidnappers of the car “the Zhiguli” to mitigate responsibility for a bribe
8 thousand dollars, reports “Dialog UA”.

Police corruption suggested the brothers a deal:
for the amount assigned to a suspect with a crime there is only one
brother, the second goes into a status of a witness.

However during transmission of the first part of the specified amount,
80 thousand hryvnias, police officers detained by the internal security
who learned about the deal from the hijackers cars. In operation on detention
corruption was also attended by the operatives of the SBU and the regional Prosecutor’s office.

As a result, the attackers were arrested, and they
charged under article 208 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine.

In addition, the investigators establish the possible
the involvement of other employees of this Department, as
it is possible that they were involved in the corruption scheme.

We will remind, in Kiev the criminal
in camouflage wounded the driver,
stole a bus and opened fire.

As previously reported, in Odessa shot
a relative of a known criminal authority.