Total brawl in gangs psevdorespubliki “LC”: separatists in a drunken stupor, killed his own commander – Hur

Pro-Russian militants “LNR” massively drunk on the advanced positions and are firing at their positions and leaders in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

The press center of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine has published on his page on Facebook information about the unrest in the ranks of terrorists “LNR”.

“Drunkenness at the forefront led to the erroneous strikes on his troops and non-combat loss of personnel. On February 24, the result of “friendly fire” was killed by Lieutenant Palankin Andrei Mikhailovich, the commander of the grenade launcher platoon 6-th separate motorized rifle regiment (kadievka) 2nd AK VS of the Russian Federation”, – explained in the Gur.

According to intelligence reports, was also injured crewman arsenic Ilya Vladimirovich.

We will remind,the commander of the reconnaissance “DNR” threw a fit because of the major defeat of terrorists near Donetsk.