Sanctions will not be removed, but you stay there. Twitter to Prime Minister Medvedev, at last, realized that the Kremlin had hoped in vain to trump

At the same time, the Prime Minister tried to make this the absolute miscalculation of the Kremlin in foreign policy as a positive.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev considers that his
the country should prepare for the fact that she “indefinitely”
have to live in conditions of economic sanctions, as Western countries do
all the best to these restrictive measures to consolidate on a more serious
level, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.

According to the Russian Prime Minister, in the United States and Europe
trying to codify sanctions: it takes an array of laws designed
to perpetuate the restrictive measures. In this regard, Russia must be ready
to live under sanctions “indefinitely”.

At the same time, Medvedev tried to put this
the absolute miscalculation of the Kremlin in foreign policy as a positive. According to him, sanctions,
that Russia received for its aggression in Ukraine are “more
a chance to improve”.

According to the politician, known primarily for
due to the scandalous statements and sitting during working hours in social networks,
experience has shown that Russia is allegedly capable of “good enough to develop in
such conditions”.

At the same time
the facts show the opposite: economic indicators of the Russian Federation every year more and
reduced the living standards of ordinary citizens in Russia also leaves much to be desired

Recall that recently the new U.S. permanent representative to the UN Hayley
said that America
will not lift sanctions against Russia until Crimea will return to Ukraine.

As previously reported, one of the favorites of the presidential
elections in France, the Fillon publicly
support Ukraine in the issue of economic sanctions against Moscow.