2017 Lynk&Co 01 SUV to be launched in Shanghai in the month of April

The Lynk&Co 01 will make its public debut at the auto show in Shanghai in April.

The 01 is the first model to come from Lynk&Co, the all-new Chinese-owned, Volvo and backed the car brand to Geely. It is a mid-size tech-laden SUV that is claimed to be “the most connected car date” and it will be ready for the market later this year.

Its creator says the 01 will be the first Chinese car to be sold in volume in Europe.

The model has been designed and manufactured in Sweden. It will be an electrification of the powertrain and be built on a modular architecture shared with Volvo’s forthcoming XC40.

The 01 is claimed to have a premium to the specification and to “respond to the needs and preferences of the new and of the connected generation”. Lynk&Co 01s will still be connected to the internet and to their own cloud. A standard ‘share’ button will allow owners to control, monitor and share their cars through a smartphone or from the car.

The brand new design philosophy has been developed at Geely Design Sweden, led by the group executive vice-president and former Volvo design boss Peter Horbury. The designers say their goal was to create a strong personality that reflects both the european and chinese genes.

“The design was simple,” said Andreas Nilsson, head of design. “Our car is needed to stand out from the crowd and appeal to a global audience. Our users will be extremely tech-savvy. Our interior design reflects this and feels familiar in the context of the new technology.”

Some mechanical detail has been revealed, but the 01 is likely to have a variety of transverse, front-mounted engines, Volvo is the family of 2.0-litre four-cylinder 1.5-litre triples. Member of the board of directors for Geely and Volvo Carl-Peter Forster has confirmed to Autocar that a plug-in hybrid version will follow shortly after, with the electric car for the two axles.

This suggests that the training systems will be derived from Volvo’s hybrid models, including the XC40 sends the electric car to the front wheels and the larger XC90 to the rear wheels.

Transmissions are either six speed manuals and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

The car measures 4.6 m long. Lynk&Co has said that its wheelbase is comparable to a long time, the SUV of the total length, because the Chinese market really cares about the back of the cabin of the space and less on the ability of start-up.

As with all of the Lynk&Co, the models that will follow, and 02 and 03 models are already mentioned – the 01 creators say they aim to challenge the preferences in the motor industry.

“Our industry has been refining the design and engineering successfully for decades,” said the first vice-president, Alain Visser, “but not to the point of distribution and ownership of the model. Our clients ‘ values and preferences have changed dramatically. It is time for us to take a step into the future.”

Finally, Lynk&Co to offer “a premium, state-of-the-art of the range of cars in the most accessible price points,” said Visser, who has held the top European level, the positions of sales at Opel-Opel and Ford. “We will challenge and redesign of each link of the chain.”

The Lynk&Co of the range will be closely linked to Volvo, in order to improve the Volvo’s economies of scale. Geely and Volvo believe that the platform underpinning it will be the versatility of Volkswagen’s MQB architecture, but more affordable.

Rather than offering traditional levels of finish, Lynk&Co have a fixed price of the equipment of collections that draw their inspiration from contemporary fashion and technology sectors.

The new 01 SUV will have an open API (application programming interface), which will essentially allow outside developers to enhance the experience in the automotive sector” of the’01 with new ideas of their own.

An important part of the Lynk&Co challenge, says Visser, is to offer its customers a new way on the market that has a direct contact with the manufacturer, along with a set of personalized services and hassle free ownership. “Our goal is to enhance and simplify the property by redefining how cars are bought, owned, connected, maintained and used,” he says.

Lynk&Co considers that the subsequent arrival of the 02 and 03 will build towards a “full range”, the simple name of the model reflects the brand’s idea of simplifying and challenging industry conventions.

The new models won’t neglect of dynamic qualities, as a function of the R&D boss Mats Fagerhag, who runs a shared Geely-Volvo R&D centre called CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology). The 01 has been compared to those of the good SUV competitors. “We have developed the state-of-the-art cars that are solid, lightweight, efficient, fun to drive,” Fagerhag said.

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