Unpredictable trump stunned Putin’s decision on nuclear weapons in Moscow fear the consequences

The new head of the White house Donald trump has decided to expand the U.S. nuclear Arsenal and its superiority to keep up with the friendly countries. The announcement was made after deployment, Vladimir Putin, the new cruise missiles.

Donald trump said that he would be happy if the world is not
have nuclear weapons. But since not all countries have abandoned the American
leader intends to return to his country the status of one of the world’s leading, writes “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

“It would be great, it would be a dream if no
one country did not have nuclear weapons, but if countries will have nuclear weapons, we
will be on top of competition,” struck below the belt to the Kremlin trump.

By the way, during the presidential campaign, he openly declared,
that is to increase the US nuclear Arsenal as long as the world is not
will give a sober assessment of what is happening.

Moreover, trump called the agreement on the reduction and
the limitation of strategic nuclear weapons with Russia’s unilateral and acknowledged that more
America will not endorse such documents.

Accustomed with impunity to violate international Treaty
The Kremlin is shocked by a new attack trump. The us leader began to act
mirror, and now in Moscow started talking about the danger. The head of the Committee office
on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev called the words of the head of the USA’s most disturbing
on the subject of relations with Russia.

We will remind, Putin in the United States made it clear, cosmopack from the White house will not. Meanwhile, in Kremlingrad to “break”air defense of America.