Inspected the Uglegorsk thermal power plant: coal enough power profitable! So why only with Akhmetov, DTEK it always so bad? – Parasyuk

Today, together with Yegor Sobolev, Taras Shepherd, lion Pidlisetskyi, Anatoly Vinogrodsky, Dmytro Oliynyk, Roman Andrus, Zinovy Parasyuk, etc. visited Uglegorsk TPP, which is 100% state ownership.

From what he heard and

1. Enough coal.
It is delivered from mines that are controlled by Ukrainian

2. No
outages will not. Everything is working stably and confidently.

3. Time from
time fly enemy projectiles.

4. The company employs
more than 2,000 workers with an average salary of 9000 UAH.

5. TES profitable and


Why only
Akhmetov with his DETACH always so bad? And why they want to privatize
Uglegorsk TPP?

Vladimir Parasyuk MP of Ukraine, Facebook.