A month before the possible increase: Ukrainians will soon bring new bills for gas, what is particularly worth paying attention to

From April 2017, the Ukrainians will bring new bills for gas. They will specify not only the used amount of natural gas, but its consumption in energy units.

So, in addition to cubic meters per receipt will be
the information provided about these units: kWh; Giga-calorie,
megajoules, reports “Dialog. UA”.

According Domik.ua these data will be of only informational character.To pay for the consumed gas, the Ukrainians will be the number used
cubic meters.

Later, however, consumers are redirected to the payment
for the consumed energy units in kWh.

How to calculate the cost of gas
based on its energy value

The gas price should depend on its quality.
The introduction of such practices would bring the system of commercial calculations
Of Ukraine for gas in accordance with the third energy package of the European
Union. Consumers will pay for energy consumed, not the volume

“To determine the consumed volume
energy formula will be used: E = V?H, where E is the amount of energy consumed, V is the volume
the consumed gas reduced to standard conditions, N is the weighted average of
the value of gross calorific value of gas. With regard to the volume of gas it
measured with traditional gas meters, that is the Ukrainian consumers
don’t have to change metering devices,” – said the press service

Earlier it was reported that since April this year, the price of gas for the population might average rise by 40%. However, if the authorities
Ukraine will take some measures, the increase is not, and the growth of gas tariffs will take in the future