More than 200 Muslim leaders were killed for advocating the true Islam in the North Caucasus – Pshikhachev

Moscow. 21 Feb. INTERFAX – Participants of the Interreligious Council of Russia at a meeting held on Tuesday in Moscow, urged to fight religious ignorance for the prevention of extremism and radicalism.

“Unfortunately, today more than two hundred religious leaders in the North Caucasus has paid with his life, gave his life for the fact that they promoted the true values of Islam that are expressed in humanity,” said the General representative of the coordinating center of Muslims of the North Caucasus in Moscow Shafig pshihachev at the Council meeting.

In his opinion, if the people of the Caucasus thanks to the work of religious leaders did not reject the propaganda of extremism and terrorism, “what we have in the North Caucasus, in southern Russia would have the same effects as in Syria, as in Libya, as in Iraq.”

“Susceptibility of some part of our society to the propaganda of extremist ideas – it is a sad act of ignorance, and if to call things by their proper names – is simply ignorance in religious matters,” said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, noting that at risk, according to sociologists are the young inhabitants of large cities aged 15 to 21 years.

The interreligious Council of Russia was formed in December 1998. It includes the leaders and representatives of the Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist communities. The honorary Chairman is the Patriarch.

In different years at the initiative of the MSD in Russia was established the Day of national unity, theology was included in the list of specialties of higher education introduced in schools teaching the basics of religious cultures and secular ethics, and in the army – the Institute of chaplains, was held in Moscow world summit of religious leaders.