Claudio Ranieri’s bag as a mystery as a major Asset, and “brexit”, says Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp has said Claudio Ranieri’s dismissal ranks alongside “brexit” and the election of Donald Trump, such as the most mystifying decisions in recent times.

Liverpool will be Leicester City’s first opponents since Ranieri has been sacked during their trip to the KingPower Stadium on Monday. And the decision to remove the manager responsible for the delivery of a stunning Premier League title triumph only nine months ago, with Leicester (1-0 home win away from reaching the Champions League quarter-final, ” added Klopp is misplaced.

Claudio Ranieri was not the victim of a player revolt, says Leicester Shakespeare

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The manager of Liverpool said: “What can I say? I’m surprised that things like this can happen? No. It is not only football. For me, there were a few strange decisions in 16/17: “brexit”, Trump, Ranieri. Do I understand all the time? Of course not. I have no idea why Leicester has done this. All the world could see the situation in the league, the situation in the Champions League, where we are not in.

“It really is a special person in this case, a really nice guy. I met him before, when he came to see me in Dortmund and we had a very interesting conversation. He is a wonderful person. Maybe you need to go to Leicester and ask them why they did it. I told the players at the beginning of the week Leicester now know exactly what the problem is and we should expect the best of Leicester City. Have you seen the Champions League game and the reaction after they scored: it was like two different games before and after, they scored. Obviously, they needed this goal to get the confidence back. We need to think about this side and it’s quite difficult.”

Claudio Ranieri’s reign ends in a cruel, brutal fashion as Leicester lose patience | Stuart James

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Despite reports of problems between Ranieri and the Leicester players, Klopp does not believe that the responsible of the Italian’s vast experience will have changed its methods in the light of last season’s title victory. “I’m pretty sure that Ranieri has not changed,” he says. “It is too well known for this. He found a great idea for this team last year – how to give them a plan, but I can’t say what has happened since.

“I don’t think that they will change on Monday. I think that probably the two assistants to do it if this is not a change. Probably the players need to show a few things and they want, it is obvious for us not to leave. If we play at our best we will be difficult to play against anyone. I have seen their Champions League game and it was amazing the change in that one second when they scored a goal. Maybe they can keep so they have to make it not too easy for them to bring it on the field or to not let their confidence grow. We need to play our best football – it is what we have worked for 15 days.”




Leicester City sack Claudio Ranieri after nine months the Premier League title win – video

José Mourinho, who attended his press conference, Friday, with a training top bearing the initials ‘CR’, in solidarity with Ranieri, believes the Italian can feel hard done after having been let down by his players.

“My words are my shirt with his name. This is my small tribute to someone than to write the most beautiful story of the Premier League,” said the coach of Manchester United.

“Someone who deserves the Leicester stadium to be named as Claudio Ranieri and he was sacked. Leicester made history two years in a row, a year because they does the most beautiful thing in the Premier League and one more in the history of football, they are now also in evidence with the decision that I think everyone in the football united because it is something that is very, very difficult to accept.

“It is good to realise how football is, and we need to adapt to it. I thought that last season when I was fired as a champion, he was a giant negative, now I realize that it was peanuts to what happened with Claudio.

“My Instagram and a shirt [a] tribute. I don’t think it needs more tributes, because nobody can believe what he has done If some of the stories I read are true or are a little bit true, it is hard to find the words to justify this. As managers, we must be prepared to deal with this.”

Mourinho added: “Probably the beginning of the season with the selfishness of other people to think of new contracts, the people thinking about leaving, the people to think more money, people forget this that enabled them to reach a certain level. But this is not just football. I think it is also a little of our world, maybe your world, too. I had a similar experience to Chelsea, but what happened to me, it was peanuts compared to the dimension of what happened to Claudio.

“I thought that last season, when I was fired as a champion, he was a giant, negative, now, I recognize that this is peanuts compared to Claudio.”