Trump began trading with Russia: the White house has put the Kremlin an unexpected ultimatum on easing sanctions

Did not have time in Moscow to subside the panic after the surprise announcement of Donald trump on the return of Kiev annexed Crimea as the White house was even one of the resonant offer. Washington has offered the Kremlin to soften the sanctions, but only after fulfilling several conditions.

The US Congress is ready to make concessions to Russia and to mitigate
some sanctions, but only after the official Moscow will provide
direct evidence of the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine and stop hacker attacks on
government sites USA, writes “Диалог.UA” with reference to“USN-1492News”.

The corresponding bill in the U.S. Congress introduced three
representative of the Republican party, and four representatives from the Democratic
party. In the document of Russian Sanctions
Review establishes the basic conditions for easing of restrictive measures against
Of the Russian Federation.

The bill provides for the possibility of resolving Trump
or representatives of his administration’s ability to adjust sanctions
in that case, if Congress will get evidence of the lack of “atamatov”
The Donbass and stop cyber attacks on us government sites.

At the same time, Congress will have 120 days to
consideration of easing sanctions.

Earlier it was reported, chidanand trump will never get the opportunity to recognize the Crimea a part of Russia. Meanwhile in Poland believe that
Vladimirputin will not leave attempts to “reclaim” Peninsula.