In South-Eastern Turkey a powerful explosion claimed the lives of several people: a car bomb exploded in the city centre: the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine made a statement

In the Turkish city of Sanliurfa Viranşehir province in the East Turkey, in the heart of the city, exploded a car bomb reports “Диалог.UA”.

It is reported that as a result of explosion 15 persons were injured and were killed three.

At the moment, on the spot
scene working rescue teams and law enforcement officers. Victims
hospitalized. Doctors are fighting for the lives of several people whose condition is assessed as extremely serious.

As the message
the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey, according to preliminary information, among the victims
no Ukrainian citizens.

About authorized persons
the Embassy has informed in the microblog in Twitter.

The Governor of the province Hunger
Azim tuna said Turkish TV channels, according to a fatal
Viranşehir in the explosion qualified as act of terrorism.

If any of the victims and
the wounded citizens of other countries, not reported.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA” Ukrainian law enforcers managed to detect
groups in social networks, in which Russian terrorists, under the guise of patriots,
urged citizens of Ukraine to the third Maidan.