Wenger: I won’t retire next season

“I am Arsenal for 20 years. In life it is important to do what is right. Don’t want to talk about your future. This is not important, important is the Arsenal. We need to focus on the real problems in the team. Regardless of what happens, I will not retire next season. Will train, but exactly where, no certainty,” said Wenger.

“Even if I leave, Arsenal will not win every game. Arsenal never won the Champions League before my arrival. You should keep that in mind”

“Management must make the right decision. It is important for the future of the club. I have had many opportunities to go to a different club, but I think about the future of Arsenal. It is important that the Gunners were in good hands,” — said the French specialist.

Note that the contract Arsene Wenger with the London club until the summer of 2017.