Putin’s regime will not sustain losses from open war with Ukraine – Avakov does not exclude “disaster”

An open attack of Moscow to Ukraine will result in big problems not only for Kiev, and Russia, a powerful migrant crisis will cover all European countries without exception. This forecast was made head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

A similar venture, the Minister said, will turn to “Putin
mode” tens of thousands of victims, and the EU must urgently deal with
a huge flow of refugees, says “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

“I’m not sure that Putin’s regime withstand losses
will be in the tens of thousands killed”,— said the head of the MIA of Ukraine.

According to him, to repel aggression in Ukraine will be 250 thousand
soldiers APU, and also 130 thousand police officers, border guards and soldiers of the National
guard. At this Poroshenko did not rule out a tragic scenario for Ukraine: country
may lose its independence and cease to exist.

According to the head of the MIA of Ukraine, the EU should understand that if
Ukraine will begin full-scale war, the West will pour millions of refugees, and
this crisis will be more complex than

We will remind, the terrorist Strelkov-Girkin warned, stovaine between Ukraine and Russia is inevitable – the Kremlin
seeking to weaken Ukraine and canning situation. Meanwhile
the occupier Zhuchkovsky areprepared Belarus about the “liberation war”.