Belarus is no longer a brotherly country for Russians – published the shocking results of the survey

What really Russian want? Certainly not to be a single state with the once brotherly Belarus.

Sociologists VTSIOM conducted a survey among the citizens of the Russian Federation, where
main topic was Belarus. These survey results were shocking
even for the biggest skeptics: 78% of Russian citizens wanted
to enter Belarus visa regime, according to “USN-1492”.

who believe that the border between Russia and Belarus should be pure
formal was only 16% among all respondents. As much as 60%
Russians believe that Minsk is not necessary to provide discounts on gas and oil.

I wonder
only 56% of respondents voted for the abolition of any discounts for former
Soviet Union republics, even if they openly support the idea of Putin and
The Kremlin (!). While 40% of Russians still believe that Belarus – friendly
country. Enemies of Belarusians believe while only 3% of Russian citizens.

It also became
it is known that 35% of respondents consider Belarus “only
trade and economic partner” of the Russian Federation.

We Will Remind, Dmitry
Peskov, press Secretary of Vladimir Putin, announced that his leadership is not yet
considered the question of the visa regime with Belarus.

At the same
time FSB on the border with Belarus, has established a border zone in response
the decision of the official Minsk on the entry five-day visa-free regime for
citizens of the European Union and the United States.

it was reported that President Lukashenko is considering the invasion of Russian army in
his country.