Georgian Metropolitan does not exclude that arrested deacon Mamaladze became a victim of the intrigues of Patriarchal assistant

Tbilisi. 15 Feb. INTERFAX – the high-profile case of a detainee on Friday in Georgia deacon Giorgi Mamaladze accused prosecutors in the attempted murder “of the high priest of the hierarchy”, became known new details.

As stated to journalists by the lawyer Mamuka Nozadze, during the arrest at Tbilisi airport G. Mamaladze was charged with the attempted murder of Secretary-assistant of the Patriarch of Georgia Shorena, Tetruashvili, which is not a clergyman and is located in Germany together with Patriarch Ilia II.

“For me it is unclear why the Prosecutor’s office creates a stir among the population that the alleged attempted poisoning of the Patriarch”, – said M. Nozadze.

In turn, another detainee’s lawyer Giorgi Pantsulaia told reporters Wednesday that still has the possibility to lead a full protection G. Mamaladze, in particular to publish the details of this case, as it is under secrecy.

Some clarity was brought by the Metropolitan Kandinsky Peter. In an interview with TV company “Rustavi-2” he said that for many years the “grey Eminence” of the Georgian Church is the Executive assistant of the Patriarch Shorena Tetruashvili.

“It has the effect on the Patriarch, and no Church the issue is not solved without her knowledge. She created her entourage among the highest hierarchs of the Church, which he calls “Golden fish”. This lady is the owner of the biggest real estate in Georgia”, – said the Metropolitan.

According to him, sh. Tetruashvili appeared in the Patriarchate of Georgia in the early 1990s. “Then the newspaper wrote that before coming to the Patriarchy she was accused of murder. This lady <…> in the reign of Edward Shevardnadze has strengthened its position in our Church,” said the Metropolitan.

He believes that the case with the arrest of the deacon G. Mamaladze, sent the revealing letter of Ilia II on corruption in Patriarchy, can be connected with the intrigues of Mrs. Tetruashvili”.

The night before, the Georgian media reported that one of the prosecution witnesses secretly recorded of deacon G. Mamaladze, is his namesake journalist Irakli Mamaladze, which law enforcement authorities have identified security.

In conversation with colleagues, he confirmed that there is a hidden entry with the detainee G. Mamaladze. “I can’t talk about the details, because the case is in the nature of secrecy. If the Prosecutor will allow an audition in the narrow circle of this note, all questions will be removed”, – said I. Mamaladze reporters.

On the eve of the public defender of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili after visiting G. Mamaladze in prison, told reporters that the detainee does not admit his guilt and denies him at the airport the toxic substance cyanide.