What will bring ordinary Ukrainians a state of emergency in the energy sector – Minister Nasalik revealed details of a special regime

In case of imbalance between generation and consumption of power involve blackouts.

Today, the Minister
energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik at the meeting
Of the Cabinet of Ministers explained that they call for extraordinary measures on the market
electricity. According to him, it is primarily the use of rolling blackouts
light if necessary, reports “Dialog

a draft order, which introduces a state of emergency, the Minister said,
that first paragraph is aimed at minimizing costs anthracite coal
heat generation, while ensuring complete the work of the joint
energy system of Ukraine.

point means that Ukraine has held a thousand megawatts on a hot
the shaft of thermal generation in order that in case of stoppage of any of the blocks
Nuclear power plants, instantly replace them,” said Nasalik.

According to
the official, Ukraine now has a surplus of nuclear energy, and the measure
allows to reduce the reserve to 500 megawatts.

In paragraph No. 2
refers to the minimum structure, which can ensure reliable work
heat generation and heat supply of the population.

provides that in the event of acute problems and imbalances between
the generation and consumption of electricity we use blackouts to
in order to balance production and consumption”, – said the Minister.

for the third paragraph, he envisages the reduction of losses of heat
generation due to the transition of “Energoatom” to another load graph
power system, involving weekly maneuvering nuclear blocks.

these measures allow to reduce the anthracite group on average 300-350 thousand
tons per month, which will increase the period when the United power system
will work in a regular mode”, – concluded Igor Nasalik.

you know, on Wednesday, February 15 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a special order

On the application
the temporary emergency measures on electricity market

Along with
the known politician Roman Immortal
called the introduction of state of emergency in
energy nonsense.