The EU has other problems: the European Parliament voted for the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions, the poles are outraged, because it could hurt their economy

During its meeting on Wednesday, February 15, the European Parliament supported further restrictions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. However, Poland argued that Parliament’s position could have a negative impact on the economy of the countries in which it is largely based on the extraction of coal.

In order to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases, the European Parliament supported the proposal of the European Commission, which concerned the introduction of changes in trade quotas on CO2 emissions.

In the end, the number of permits and such sales will grow annually by 2.2%, as this was achieved by the Polish representatives. The concern of the poles causes the proposal to double the rate of withdrawal from the market of unused permits into the market stability reserve. According to MEPs, Giby Andrzej and Jadwiga Vishnevskoe, it may raise the price of such permits. To convince the European Parliament to allow, to allow countries to make their own decisions about the use of funds from the modernisation Fund EU failed.

“There is, in turn, some positive changes,” – says MP Janusz Lewandowski. They relate to support for networks, thermal power plants, their modernisation and providing them with free emissions credits.

Referred to vote of the legislative process does not end, because it is only an expression of the European Parliament of its position in the negotiations with the representatives of the countries-EU members.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed, toukraine on the Dniester will build six hydropower plants.