The White house hinted the Kremlin about the persecution of Navalny and opposition Kara-Murza: “We are watching this, and God forbid them something else will happen!”

The Americans were given to understand the Russian dictator and his executioners, that they were clearly monitoring the situation with human rights in Russia.

the representative of administration of U.S. President Sean Spicer said in a briefing
the White house watching the situations with opposition activist Alexei Navalny and journalist
Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., also an opposition activist, reports “Dialog UA”.

I think the State Department knows about the situation, we are for it
follow” — so said the press Secretary on the request to comment on
concern wife Kara-Murza about the fact that the critical state of her husband
associated with poisoning; and the statement of Alexei Navalny that he is due
persecution by the Kremlin, may not be able to participate in
the upcoming presidential elections as a candidate.

Recall, 2
Feb journalist Kara-Murza Jr. was hospitalized with acute
intoxication unstated substance. On February 9, the lawyer of the journalist said
that came out of an artificial coma.

In his
foremost opposition politician Alexei Navalny on 8 February was sentenced to five years
conventionally, the “case “Kirovec”. In the case that the verdict will be
approved after consideration of the appeal, the politician will not be able to participate in
the election of the President of the Russian Federation.

As previously
it was reported that Navalny was detained
to the bailiffs.

that Russia is also pursuing teacher and poet Byvsheva, who wrote poems
in support of Ukraine.