The continuation of the Panama scandal, the criminal case against the founders of the company-Registrar of offshore companies Mossack Fonseca

Ramon Fonseca and Jurgen Mossak, who are the founders of the company Mossack Fonseca, was detained by the Panamanian police.

The detention was carried out immediately after the searches, which took place in the office. The Panamanian government has formally accused the founders of the company in connection with corruption scams that have taken place in the state oil company of Brazil. This is reported by foreign media reports “Диалог.UA”.

Recall that the investigation into this case was launched in 2014. Law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that top managers of Brazilian oil company Petrobras had entered into with the contractors of the contract with the inflated contract values. In addition, officials bribed politicians. In the end, the case against Petrobras was the cause of the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.

The international consortium of investigative journalist (ICIJ) published a database that was created on the basis of the so-called “Panamanian documents”. It was then learned about his involvement in the case of the Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca. With this firm have been associated with hundreds of companies and people from all over the world, including from Ukraine. Presidentits Poroshenko thanked the authors for the publication of the controversial list.

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