On the day of his birth died the legendary volleyball player and Olympic champion Yuriy Poyarkov

Yuri Poyarkov today, February 10, marks 80 years. On the day of the anniversary of the legendary athlete died. While the causes of the death of a famous volleyball player unknown.

Poyarkov died wharekawa,
reports “Dialog. UA”.

Yuri Poyarkov rich list
brilliant victories. In addition to 2 gold medals, a famous volleyball player twice
he became the world champion in the USSR team, won the world Cup 2 times
was recognized the strongest in the championship.

Ten years ago, in 2007,
the Olympic champion entered the Book of records
Guinness. Yuri Poyarkov was a unique achievement in sports, volleyball
took 3 Olympic medals at three successive Olympics.

Yuri Poyarkov at club level played
for the Kharkov “Petrel” and the national team of the Ukrainian SSR
became the champion of the country.

We will remind that in the beginning
Feb died, another sports legend, the famous Victor Chanov,
which, according to some, was severely beaten near Kiev.

But the family of football player
strongly denies it and says, stachanov died after falling in his home.