Movie and Germans: in Germany, explained the sensational statement of the Ambassador Reichel on elections in the Donbas under Russian bayonets

In the diplomatic service believe that the elections in Eastern Ukraine may take place, when Kiev and Moscow will agree to their conditions.

The official representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany Martin Schaefer
said that contradictions in the words of the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine, Ernst Reichel allegedly not,
reports “Dialog UA”.

“In any case it is not contrary to our
position: our focus is to return to Ukraine’s sovereignty over
its entire territory. This is the goal of the Minsk agreements”, –
he said.

Thus, Schaefer did not understand the principles
conditions of the elections in the Donbass, and what are the claims of the Ukrainian side,
or just “played dumb”.

“Of course, these regional elections, under the terms of
The Minsk agreements can only be held when both parties
reach an understanding about their modalities,” said a German diplomat.

Commenting on the words of Reichel the presence of Russian troops
in the Donbas, the diplomat said that “can not say that such
regular troops have occupied the separatist territories”.

At the same time, Scheffer stressed that Germany is making
efforts to achieve the cessation of conflict and the implementation of the Minsk
agreements in 2015.

Thus we can say that journalists,
after listening to meaningless speech from the representative of the foreign Ministry of Germany, just lost
time. And in the German diplomatic office, do not seem to see the difference, what
are democratic elections in the Donbass, according to Ukrainian laws from
pseudo-Russian and separatist hostility when immigrants
Donbass just can’t vote.

We will remind, the Ukrainian side were angered by the words
Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel on
the elections in the Donbass.

As previously reported, “nedogonyayuschih” Ambassador
Reichel reminded
on the pseudo-referendum in the Crimea under the muzzles of Russian machines.