“Eduard basurin involved in the death of Givi or is it “crazy Elevator” shot him”, – Shkiryak said charges in the murder of a terrorist

Adviser to interior Minister Shkiryak said that the murder Givi is a link of one great chain called “Crazy Elevator”, which purposefully and consistently eliminate terrorist leaders.

Adviser to interior Minister Shkiryak commented on the media the information was disseminated separatist media, citing Eduard Basurin Thriller that Shkiryak may be involved in the murder of the leader of the militants Givi. About it reports “5 channel”.

According to the adviser of the Minister of spreading false information, Bacurin thus acknowledged its direct involvement in elimination of militants.

“The General comment on the heresy that comes from the mouth of the Russian propagandist and cynical liar Basurin, one of the leaders of the Russian terrorist gang “DNR”, it is quite difficult. Everything that sounds from his lips – heresy we have already understood and seen. I’m completely indifferent, I already got used to it, because in many ways they accused me of. I am convinced that this statement by President Francois Hollande admitted his direct involvement and participation in leader Zakharchenko to eliminate the militants Givi, which, in my opinion, was done jointly with Russian special services. Therefore, I believe that nothing surprising happened, and it’s okay, apparently, this is another recognition”, – said Shkiryak.

Adviser to the Minister of interior said that the killings of the militants protects witnesses of their bloody crimes.

“I am convinced that we have stated that links in a big chain called “Crazy Elevator”, which is constantly moving, and now we see that, on the facts, absolutely purposefully and consistently eliminated another leader of the terrorists. The Kremlin protects all witnesses of their bloody crimes on the territory of Ukraine, and this with 2014. This and the witnesses and direct participants of the churning of the Boeing MH-17, this large-scale aggression, which was carried out in August 2014, that the terrorist acts in Volnovakha, Mariupol, Debaltsevo, Avdeevka. Therefore, in one or another way, using the services of certain fighters, Putin cleans this space in order to eliminate all witnesses,” – said Shkiryak.

The politician said that among the dead militants Givi and Alexander Zakharchenko was a conflict.

“In this situation, of course, we are talking about internecine conflict. This is a conflict that was between Zakharchenko and Givi, have long been known. I think that even those who are now in the territory temporarily occupied districts of Donetsk region, are well aware of this,” said he.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” informed, capaability shots as the fighters take out dead Givi from your personal account.