In St. Petersburg opened an exhibition of Sergey Shnurov

In the Museum of modern art “Erarta” opened the exhibition of the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov “a Retrospective of branjelina”. The exhibition is dedicated to the direction in art, which Cords was invented in 2007. According to the musician, brandrealt is a fake reality which replaces the real. “You are what you eat, what you wear and what car you drive. The essence of the person goes by the wayside. It is the brand that determines present a human face,” explains Cord.


His art, the musician has sought to counter the society of branjelina. Provocative art objects Shnurov deride the fashion for vegetarianism and Instagram, as well as the need to borrow in pursuit of a beautiful life. “The art of Brangelina should not be beautiful; must not be neither good nor evil; does not have to be paradoxical; does not claim to be a refined irony. It didn’t obliged and owes nothing to anybody”, — says Sergey.

The exhibition will last until April 9, 2017. Sergey Shnurov says the painting from his youth. The musician studied the art-restoring Lyceum and was going to become a restorer of works of art from wood.